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Our Services

At An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village we take service very seriously. From our first meeting to discuss your vision for your wedding-unitl we adjust your veil and send you down the aisle-we're there every step of the way.


Our staff is honoured to be a part of your big day and we strive to make your wedding not only memorable because of what happens but also because of what doesn't!


Our owner, Jill Lewko started designing wedding flowers in 1985 on Cape Cod and quickly realized that there needed to be more to the process than to have a driver drop a box at the back of the church and hope things get sorted out correctly.


Jill's philosophy is as much as a Mom as a florist. Your Bouquets arrive nestled in our "lucky" basket- and are placed into each bridesmaids hands as the photographer starts to document your day. Before your guests arrive at your ceremony, each bow is fluffed and attached to each pew, flowers are placed on the altar and each boutonierre is affixed to each lapel- each Grandparent adorned with the flowers you intend for them.


Our staff has gone so far as to help sew a bridesmaid into her dress-when the seams ripped exiting the limosine- we have helped by reattaching buttons to tuxedos when they pop off. One of our staff even ran out to buy batteries for the photographer so he wouldn't miss a minute of shooting.


Jill soon realized that after completeing our services that we were often the only ones left at the back of the church with the Bride and her Dad-with noone left to adjust a veil, or to wipe away a tear.......right then and there she incorporated that into her practice and it's still ALWAYS a thrill to see all your plans and dreams come together as you start down the aisle to your handsome Groom.


We love to be part of your big day and it shows in everything we do-from our first meeting to chat and discuss your choices- even if you don't have an idea-or you know exactly what you want-we LISTEN to YOU and craft your flowers accordingly.


After's all about YOU!:)


2012 An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village